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Marketing Club Meeting 2024

Dear colleagues,

register below for all upcoming Deep Dive Sessions and find the links to the agenda and the attendee list. Share your pictures and videos of the meeting by uploading them via the link on the very bottom.

Enjoy the meeting!

Deep Dive Sessions via Teams
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ACO Sustainability

In this Deep Dive Session, Lena Boritzki, ACO Head of Sustainability at ACO in Büdelsdorf, Germany, and Adam Cane, Sustainability Manager at ACO UK, will give you a broad overview of the latest activities and legal requirements in the area of sustainability at ACO and answer your questions.

Speakers: Lena Boritzki und Michael Cane

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ACO Green City Solutions

This session gives you an opportunity to learn more about ACO Green City Solutions and to speak to Rieks Hulst, Clemens Asmussen and Christopher Peiritsch. They will be on hand for in-depth answers to your questions.

Speakers: Rieks Hulst, Clemens Asmussen & Christopher Peiritsch

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In this Deep Dive Session Jana Ratjen and Christoph Borrmann will give you more details about our Typo3 system and future plans for our websites. They will answer your questions in depth.

Speakers: Jana Ratjen & Christoph Borrmann

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This session will give you the opportunity to learn more about our ACO PIM system and talk to Lasse Dyrmose about future plans. He will give you an insight into the status quo and answer your questions in detail.

Speaker: Lasse Dyrmose

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ACO Smart

This session will give you the opportunity to talk to our Smart Lab first hand and learn more about our future plans. Axel Leybold will also answer your questions with more time and depth.

Speaker: Axel Leybold

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