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TYPO3 Release Notes v2024.05.02

Dear colleagues,

during the day a new release was rolled out on all websites. With this update we have fixed some problems that arose from the TYPO3 12 upgrade. In addition to this we released the following changes:

  • Added text field ‘Faceting header’: You are now able to edit your own faceting header inside the Website settings > Text Labels > Search. This field is displayed in the references or search results, for example.
  • Disabled Teaser-Tab / Enabled Resource-Tab: We disabled the Teaser-Tab inside the page properties and moved the fields into Resources which is now enabled again for all editors.

We are currently working on fixing some more issues resulting from the TYPO3 12 upgrade.

If you have any issues, please contact us via the service-now ticket-system.

Best regards

Your Corporate Marketing Digital Team