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Release Notes v2024.07.1
Redesign Product area, NEW Content element and more!

Dear colleagues,

during the day, a new release will be rolled out on all websites. In contrast to the last minor release, this one is more extensive and brings significant changes:

  • Redesign Product area of PIM website - as shown in the Juncture-July announcement, these changes will be implemented on the PIM product pages. This includes changes to the layout of the subcategories and the integration of the product hero on the detail pages.
  • NEW content elements – the blue navigation tile, the product hero and the ACO page teaser will be available on all websites. These content elements are intended to give the editorial product pages a new shine.

    Attention, your help is required! The new blue navigation tile will replace the navigation tile with accordion. We will delete the old content element soon. Please use the next four weeks to change the old navigation tile on your pages so that they are not suddenly deleted.
  • Redesign job offers template - the job offers are now displayed in the new layout and are therefore closer to the layout on
  • Due to the lack of no use of the content element “Button product download” we have deleted this feature.
  • We have fixed the Background-Color Bug on Article-Containers. You can now choose between light and dark again.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us via the service-now ticket-system.

Best regards

Your Corporate Marketing Digital Team